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Kelsey Biddiscombe

What do I offer?

Personalized training programs that are created with your individual goals in mind. You will receive nutrition coaching and recipes to help you learn how to make lifestyle changes to your diet that will contribute towards your success. Along with your program, you will be provided with clearly outlined workouts with instructional videos and personalized notes. Another great feature of your program will be ensuring accountability. I will remind you to update your progress photos and stats so you can see the results for yourself.
This is NOT a cookie cutter program and you will have access to your program at all times on a convenient and easy to use app. These programs are designed to teach, coach and support you through your fitness journey and set you up for lifelong success in managing your weight and living a healthy life.

About Me

I have been a certified personal trainer for 6 years, certified nutrition coach for 3 years and earned my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I enjoy training women of all ages and fitness levels. I believe in a balanced training style that encompasses strength training, cardio, flexibility and recovery. I want my clients to feel empowered after each workout and gain confidence through their transformation. I believe being "fit" is more than a physical state, it is truly a "feeling".
My own journey has included many forms and levels of fitness. As a teen I was a competitive dancer in a variety of styles and I continued these skills when I competed in the Fitness Category in body building shows up to the National level. I also competed in the bikini and fitness model categories around Canada in 13 shows. I love competing and the rush of performing, but my passion lies in living a balanced life.

After years of weights and intense cardio, I now enjoy what I call "Celebrity Style" workouts. I combine strength training with HIIT cardio to increase fat burning and strive toward lean muscles. I also enjoy yoga and Pilates moves to keep my flexibility and core strong for functionality for everyday living. I like to get outside for walks and take advantage of exploring nature. My diet is flexible and healthy and I do not believe in restricting myself. I have experienced crash dieting first hand and I will not lead anyone down that path. I have always struggled with food intolerances so naturally my diet is free of gluten & dairy. I also have an extensive knowledge in the supplement industry and can give guidance on how to use supplements safely and effectively to support clients' goals.

I am very passionate about helping others develop their own strengths and recognize their own power. I believe fitness is multidimensional and can transform the mind, body and soul. I am looking forward to helping more people grow into the best version of themselves through these programs.

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