Why Share the Secrets?

Growing up with many food allergies and intolerances (wheat, dairy, peanuts, corn etc) I was often asked the question “So what DO you eat?”. Of course at the time, I wondered the same thing! It was frustrating and confusing at first. Over the years I have adapted my lifestyle to always being prepared with my own food and always looking for alternative options. When I started training for fitness competitions, my diet became more restrictive and specific. At first I ate the same things every day for a sense of security and familiarity. After months of training and preparing meals I started experimenting and actively looking up recipes that fit into my lifestyle.

When I started realizing all of the whole, healthy, natural foods out there that I COULD eat, my eyes were opened. My journey with food begun and I no longer was craving unhealthy foods, enjoyed cooking and looked forward to eating meals again. I became passionate about making food that I could incorporate into my training lifestyle, but tasted just as good as anything you can order at a restaurant.

So now I am unveiling the secrets for all to see! This is what I cook and bake in my spare time. This is what I actually eat on a daily basis. This is a part of my lifestyle! Most of my recipes are just alternatives to foods/meals that I recreated to make healthier. I hope others can enjoy the foods that I not only CAN eat, but WANT to eat because they taste so darn good and are good for my body too!

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