Sunday, 13 April 2014

New Prep, New Diet Challenges

Because no two show preps are the same...

To those of you who have been following my blog and recipes, you may have noticed more vegan, vegetarian, meatless options. I have decided to change my diet for this upcoming show prep to see how I can transform my body from the inside out!

Here's why:
  • focusing on diet 'macros' had me eating the same foods everyday and I neglected the most important food group..VEGETABLES! They take more time to prep, but without them we miss the cancer preventing benefits, digestive aids of fibre & endless health benefits
  • eating so much animal protein is hard on your digestive system and the process of how they produce popular meats like chicken, turkey & lean beef does not always align with a 'clean eating' lifestyle..and we can't all afford to eat organic, free range ALL the time
  • I want to increase my omega 3 consumption through healthy plant fats (like hemp seeds. flax seeds etc) to improve my skin, hair, blood sugar balance, hormone levels and burn the bad fat!
So what am I eating????

I am keeping in eggs and fish because it simply, works for me. I want the protein and omega 3 benefits and feel these are great things to keep in my diet. Do I fit under a Vegetarian category, not really, but health and lifestyle changes are NOT about limitations, they are about individual benefits for YOU!

Here's a list of some of the foods I will be enjoying!

-unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk
-coconut oil
-eggs & eggwhites
-fish (salmon, tuna, scallops)
-leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, lettuce etc)
-broccoli, cauliflower, carrots
-black beans
-berries, bananas
-gluten free oats
-rice cakes
-pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds
-vegan protein powder

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