Friday, 1 January 2016

Secrets of 2015!

As a young woman in the fitness and health industry, it is very important that I share my experiences with others. This year was about finding my healthy balance and discovering what is best for me. As a 20 something entrepreneur and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle I feel a lot of pressure to have a "perfect" role model image. I have finally realized that I can't put that pressure on myself. My life has taken many turns this year and I am experiencing real "adult life". Working 2 jobs (one of which is a personal trainer), paying for rent, living with a significant other etc. From my journey this year, I believe I have become more relatable to women who want to live a fit & healthy lifestyle. I understand how difficult it can be to balance work, family life and my own health & wellness.
The truth is that it' not easy!!!!


I used to be that young woman who judged other women about their weight issues and did not understand how they could be "too busy" or "too tired" to meal prep or workout. Before I had more responsibilities that was half of my life! I get it now. It CAN be tough, it's not easy and WE HAVE TO PRIORITIZE! As women we have to make ourselves a priority. We must decide what is important to us and what we need to be happy and healthy.

This year I am going to make it my mission to help women to prioritize what we need most. I am going to share my workouts, my meals, my on-the-go lifestyle. From the best days to the worst days it's time to be honest about what REAL women do with REAL lives.  This year I wish I could tell you I ate salads everyday for dinner, but that's not the truth. There were days I had pizza, days I had way too much chocolate, a week of skipping workouts. It's not about always sticking with the "perfect" plan. Life is about doing your best and being flexible and accepting that you are not going to stick to the plan 100% of the time. More importantly, we have to learn to tip the scale left and right, but keep our balance without falling off either end of perfection or disaster.

 Here's to 2016! The year of confidence, balance, health and being real women. 

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