Monday, 6 May 2013

Want a Bite???

As my show is approaching soon in June, I am struggling with the same things I usually do with my diet. If you can believe it, it is not cravings, self control or hating my training diet. I am fine with my food, but others sometimes are not. This can be frustrating when trying to stick to your diet if you are external pressures weighing you down even though you have the internal battle under control.

If you are trying to adapt healthier eating habits, training for a show or just attempting to get some structure back, overcoming the pressure of others can be very difficult. People will offer you fatty snacks,sugary desserts, drinks, you name it! They will push it in your face, make you smell it, ask you why you don't want it...But why do they care? It is your body, your decision. Plain and simple. You always have the power to say 'No Thank You.'

Food and drinks are often part of social events which can cause anxiety for many trying to follow a diet/meal plan. Don't let this stop you from going to the events or not eating there! You will get hungry, you need something too! Bring an alternative you can enjoy or just simply ask the person who is hosting what they are planning on having. Instead of giving in to eating what you normally wouldn't, you might just even encourage healthy habits for others too.

I think of it this way, there are temptations everywhere and convenience foods everywhere. I can walk down the street now and get a doughnut if  I wanted. If someone else bought one and left it in my kitchen, it doesn't change the fact that I was not going to go get my own in the first place. If you want to adapt a lifestyle change, you must realize that all because it is there, doesn't mean you have to eat it. And all because someone offered it, doesn't mean you have to eat it either.

Stick to your guns my friends and it will all pay off! Respect others, but respect yourself and your own goals too!

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