Friday, 3 January 2014

Diet Resolution Tips for 2014!

It is that time of year again..New Year Resolutions! We all want to get rid of those holiday love handles that aren't showing us much love. The holidays have come to an end, but the treats are still lingering around the kitchen, staring at us right in the face!

Our January goals are telling us to avoid sugar like the plague while our counters and cupboards are still full of chocolate and sweets. What's a healthy girl to do???

Here are some tips to kick start your 2014 body into fat-burning gear ASAP!

1. Meal Prep & Plan- if you pack healthy meals and beverages to work, you will eat them. It is that simple. Plan and prep days ahead and cook in bulk. For any 'extras' like a coffee or two, keep limited cash in your wallet and limit debit card uses.

2. Clean your Cupboards-if it is not on the meal plan, you have a few choices...Throw it out, hide it in a hard to reach place that it takes effort to get to or if you have family members (or kids) who need those cheat foods, reorganize and make your own food space. If it's not looking at you, you will be less likely to eat it or even think twice about having it!

3. Drink Water-if your stomach is empty, you will feel hungry. You might just be dehydrated, so if you ate less than 3 hours ago drink a glass of water or tea then reevaluate what your body actually needs.

4. Incorporate Supplements- a multivitamin can help your body metabolize fats, carbohydrates and protein more efficiently. Not many people get what they need in their everyday diets, so supplements like protein powder, vitamins and omega 3's can help you meet those needs. For fat loss, consider trying non-stimulant options like CLA, garcinia or green coffee bean!

5.  Make Goals-when we write down our goals, they become more powerful and we are more likely to make them a priority. Put them where you can see them and be reminded of them everyday. Make them achiveable, set timelines and plans of action so you can succeed.

6. 'Diets' are not Short term- the word 'diet' does not mean what it used to. Maintaining a healthy diet is a long-term lifestyle change, not a diet craze meant to last a week. Make small changes every week that you can maintain and have health in mind over weight loss.

7. Make it Fun- incorporate variety into your diet. Look for new healthy recipes to try and look forward to. Healthy diets do not have to be boring diets. Explore your options and meals that fit into your plan, make a folder for recipes from magazines or online blogs ;) and get excited about it!

8. Seek Support-tell others your goals for 2014. Tell them how important it is to you that you stick to these goals and reach them. The people closest to you, have a large influence on your lifestyle and decisions (whether we admit it or not). If you are going to be eating with these people, be it a significant other, family or friends they need to know you have made a commitment to yourself and it is important to you to keep it.

9. Treat Yourself-When you have achieved your goals, big or small, celebrate! Plan cheat meals for special occassions. This will help you stay on track 80% of the time and hold out for that piece of cake or glass of wine in a few weeks instead of whenever you pass by it on a daily basis. Think of other ways you can indulge yourself too, that are not food related. Treat yourself to a new pair of jeans, a pedicure, a movie night, a new hair cut..whatever keeps you motivated!

10. Don't Give Up! Make 2014 your year! Change your relationship with food. Eat healthy, wholesome foods that give you energy, help you maintain lean muscle, burn fat and taste good too. It won't always be easy, but once you change the bad habits into good ones, before you know it the good food will be what you crave most!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!!!

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