Friday, 27 May 2016

Motivation: It's Not a Gift to Give

Motivation is NOT something that you can give someone. It is also NOT something you can expect to appear out of thin air. So where do people get motivation? How do people keep it? When do they decide that this is the day they are getting started?

It starts with YOU. If you are not motivated, but you want to be healthy, fit and confident. First, ask yourself, "What
is holding you back?" List all of your reasons and barriers. Now read them out loud and you will realize that most of these "reasons" are just excuses. If any of your excuses are other people, recognize that you are allowing them to be an excuse. It's not someone else's fault that you do not take time for yourself.

Now you have to dig deep. WHY do you want to change? What will that bring to your life? What sacrifices are you willing to make to be ultimately happier? Your WHY should be about mostly you! It should not be to please others or to gain acceptance from external sources because this will grow old very fast and will not be enough for you to continue for the right reasons. If you do not think you are worthy of true happiness with yourself, this is a false belief. You deserve as much time, attention and love as you give to everyone else in your life. Decide to make yourself a priority, everyday.

You can't give someone motivation, but you can inspire someone.

Be around people who inspire you. Listen to music that inspires you to be happy, get moving and energizes you. Spend your time in environments that encourage the lifestyle that you want. Talk to people who you want to live like and ask for advice from your mentors.

Another thing you NEED to do to stay motivated is to have a plan. Make a promise to yourself, create a plan of action and just do it! There are many resources out there now for meal plans and workout programs that you can follow. Make small changes, be patient and create new habits. There's no quick fixes. Consistency will be the key to your success.

 Remember WHY you wanted to make a change and what it will ultimately bring to your life. YOU deserve to feel good, look good and one day you just might inspire someone else to do the same.

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