Friday, 19 April 2013

Food Diaries: To Write or not to write...

Food Diaries: What's the Point???

This morning I was planning my prep diet
leading up to my next show (9 weeks). I knew that last show I did not transform my body in the way I had imagined I would. I knew I had to make some changes to get results, but I was not sure exactly what...My 'Meal Plan' in my head that I followed previously seemed like it would have worked perfectly, but clearly things were not adding up. Most of us often have this problem. We stay committed to eating better, work hard, resist temptation and there is still just a bit of frustration to the 'unknown' missing link!

So before I started writing out my new plan. I realized that I had recorded my meals for 15 weeks leading up to my show last season. At the time, I began my food diary to just keep track of my meals on a daily basis to get it out of my mind and onto
paper. Thinking I was following my set plan pretty well I never thought it would help me in the future. Well I was wrong! Today it helped me see my mistakes, showed me how much I've learned since then and unveiled some of the mysteries that were holding me back from achieving my best body.

Believe me, in the past I thought writing down my meals was a waste of time, only for people with an unhealthy obsession and just a pain in the butt! Now I see that it is such a positive habit when you are prepping for a show, have a weight loss goal, or just want to improve your eating habits for your health. It takes the stress off your mind during the day and allows to you uncover those missing links to achieving your goals. For those of you who mindlessly eat or munch (we all do it! ) it makes you realize how much you are actually eating and makes you more aware of it.

So even if you are skeptical, give your food diary a chance! It may be the secret key to unlocking your success!

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